Posted on Dec 2, 2014


Adam James Hollman is a recent alumnus of the Pennsylvania of the Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), where he trained in Printmaking and Sculpture. You may recognize him as your Barista here at The Shop!

These recent works are products of his studio experimentation with different media interactions, including the properties of transparency and opacity of paint, to create abstract images that are often reminiscent of land- and seascapes. His works often use the techniques of décollage, collage and reverse-painting on glass to explore the dynamic relationship between materials and textures. The majority of the pieces, done on salvaged antique windowpanes from the Ithaca area, remind the viewer of the fragile relationship between the man-made and the natural, creating a gateway through which one can reflect on the elements of space, ground, fluidity, and space.

Inquiries about these and other works, as well as information on prices may be obtained by contacting the artist at:

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