March Artist: Erin Blaney & Kelly Morgan

Posted on Mar 5, 2015

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Erin Blaney & Kelly Morgan

Erin and Kelly are recent alumni of Ithaca College, where they worked alongside each other in

the art department. Although they choose different mediums to work with, both found

themselves drawn to a passion for color and nature. They studied abroad together in the

summer of 2012, drawing and painting the Irish landscape in the small town of Dingle, Ireland.

They later discovered that they had similar backgrounds in Environmental Science as well.  Erin

double majored in Art and Environmental Studies at Ithaca College, and Kelly had previously

been an Environmental Science major at the University of New Hampshire, before transferring

to Ithaca College her Sophomore year and declaring a BFA in Fine Arts. In this showcasing of

artwork, Erin and Kelly draw upon this shared interest by focusing their works on animals and


Erin’s works could best fall under the category of surrealism. She is drawn to her dreams and

visions of the world that are uniquely hers. Erin’s medium of choice is chalk pastels, with a

mixture of pen and ink and charcoal pencils. She feels the chalk pastels best portray the

vibrancy of her imagined environment and dream world. Erin finds enjoyment in exploring the

modification and creation of places and scenes, drawing inspiration from dreams and

nightmares. In addition, she expresses themes of environmental degradation and also of a

hopeful future.

In contrast, Kelly’s work leans towards a stylized realism. Combining fine art markers and

graphite, Kelly plays with the permanence of the branches and contrasts the generalized color

and shadowing of the birds. In memory of her recently departed grandmother, a lifelong bird

watcher, Kelly’s aim was to capture a fleeting instant. These images attempt to memorialize a

moment, that once gone is only left to be composed by memory. The transient qualities of birds

lead them to rarely sit still, which contradicts the static images we remember them to be.

Inquiries about these works, as well as information on prices may be obtained by contacting the

artists at:

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